2017 Mental Health Summit
“Innovation, Technology &
the Future of Mental Health Therapy”
October 13, 2017

Keynote: Dr. Leslie Korn – “Advances in Integrative Mental Health”
Dr. Korn is a Harvard-Medical School trained traumatologist who specializes in using nutritional and herbal medicine for mental health and optimal brain function for people of all ages by combining the science of holistic medicine with the art of compassionate care.

“Integrative Approaches to Physical and Behavioral Health” with:
– April Rhodes, CEO, Spectrum Healthcare Group
– Shawn Nau, CEO, Health Choices Integrated Care
– Tara Peyman, ND, Integrative Mental Health Center

“High Tech and Bio Science Innovation in Mental Health” with:
– Dr. Chanel Heerman – Telemedicine
– Tim Terrill – Pharmacogenomic Testing
– Abbie Pendergast – HeartMath

Mental Health Coalition Verde Valley 2017 Innovation Awards
Sheriff Scott Masher, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office for the establishment of the Behavioral Health Unit at the Camp Verde Jail and the accompanying services that prepare individuals to return to the community.
April Rhodes & Sarah Schol, Spectrum Healthcare Group for establishing the Mobile Crisis Unit, a partnership between law enforcement and behavioral health providers in the Verde Valley to respond as a team to emergency calls that involve mental health crises.
Patrick Schweiss, Sedona International Film Festival for his partnership with the education task force of the Mental Health Coalition Verde Valley to show films related to mental health issues and provide a forum for community discussions.