1. Launched Mental Health Awareness Week May 11-15. A series of events designed to eliminate the stigma of mental illness included panels, presentations, films and community dialogues. For a complete listing of events click on the Mental Health Awareness Week link above.

2. The “Suicide Crisis Hotline” for Midgely Bridge, Sedona, is complete and will be installed by September 10 which is World Suicide Prevention Day. Cities of the Verde Valley will proclaim the week of September 7-13 as Suicide Prevention Week. A service will be held at Midgely Bridge parking area to honor those who have committed suicide at Midgely Bridge.

3. A Mental Health Summit, “The State of Mental Illness in the Verde Valley,” is scheduled for September 25, 2015 from Noon-5PM. It will be a gathering of community leaders in behavioral health, education, government, first responders, caregivers, individuals and families living with mental illness. Click on the link above for more information and the full program.

4. Established liaison with PFLAG support group and did a presentation on mental illness and the LGBTQ community and the resources provided by the Mental Health Coalition Verde Valley.

5. Continued presentations at Coalition meetings each month to educate members of the Coalition about resources and issues.


1. Created, published and distributed the Resource Guide to Mental Health Services in the Verde Valley.

2. Established a Web presence for MHCVV, with a link to the Resource Guide,

3. Obtained financial grants from Christ Lutheran Church and the Sedona Fire Department to operate the MHCVV website.

4. Originated the Suicide Prevention Hotline signage for Midgley Bridge and are coordinating the installation with ADOT and the USFS.

5. Supported all-day Mental Health First Aid training classes, averaging 20+ persons per class, with professional instructors and attendees from all walks of life, including first responders from police, fire, education, faith communities.

6. Continued a series of information-sharing presentations by community professionals engaged in all aspects of mental health care, including psychiatry, psychology, jurisprudence, therapy, community services, peer support, family and job issues and numerous related topics.

7. Made a firsthand review of the facilities and services at Rainbow Acres, which provides assisted living for the mentally impaired, to see if some cooperative support from MHCVV or other local organizations is warranted.

8. Established a liaison with Northern Arizona Interfaith Council (NAIC)

9. Supported advocacy through a review of upcoming State and Federal legislation concerning mental health actions and policy changes, with letters and calls to legislators as appropriate.

10. Created articles and press releases about the work of MHCVV for local publication.