TRAUMA – Laura Schappert

We have had two successful Healing Trauma Services Days and are planning our third event for October 7, 2017.

Healing Trauma Services Day is a free community event gathering a variety of local practitioners who volunteer to offer holistic healing modalities to individuals who are experiencing trauma, stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Community members have an opportunity to receive three 30-minute treatments from their choice of practitioner or modality.

Our first event was held on October 12, 2016. It was a six-hour event offering nine modalities from 15 practitioners. 41 attendees had a total of 75 sessions.

Our second event was on May 12, 2017. It was a five-hour event offering nine modalities from 11 practitioners. 25 attendees had a total of 57 sessions.

The modalities offered have been: Acupuncture, BodyTalk, CranioSacral Therapy, Energy Medicine, Meditation, Myofascial Release, Reiki, Sound Healing, Trauma Tapping Technique, Vibrational Body Tuning and Yoga.